About us

Inspired by the book “Half The Sky: How to change the world” by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, a group of mothers in Zurich decided to take action to promote the welfare of girls and women in need. In November 2012 we started GreenLamp. GreenLamp is a registered non-profit organisation, open to people of all nationalities who want to help us make a difference.


To raise funds for projects that contribute to the health, education and rights of girls and women
in need. We believe that the combination of improved health and education enables the empowerment of women and girls to reach their full potential. All proceeds from our fundraising activities will be used to finance these projects.

A bright future for women and girls.

Enable access to education, healthcare and social equity.

Support community-based projects in low-income countries empowering
women and girls to reach their full potential.  

Strategy 2012-2017
Focus on selected projects targeted on maternal health, pregnancy and childbirth in rural areas of Ethiopia leading to measurable and ripple effects in communities. Work closely with local partners.