Stories from our midwives

During our visit to Ethiopia in March 2014, we had the joy to meet the four midwife students supported by GreenLamp. Senait, Ilili, Belen and Beleynesh were happy to share their impressions from their hospital internships with us. 


From left; our four midwives Senait, Ilili, Belen and Beleynesh. 

, 1st year student

"I am a first year student at the Hamlin College of Midwives. I did my 6 weeks of practice in Addis Abeba Hamlin Fistula Hospital. During this period I got the opportunity to perform health history of new patients, detect vital signs like blood pressure measurements,rate and pressure rate. I also performed physical examination and detected many abnormalities. After my first hospital practise
I am very happy and confident and I have learned so much by observing and participating in the activities that are carried out in the different wards."

2rd year student

"The first time I saw a delivery, I was very afraid but then I realize that everything in the Health Center is working well. I am very happy to participate in this midwife training course. I know there are many Health Centers in every Woreda that have no access to a midwife so there is a huge need for our competencies."

3rd year student

"I did my training in Pausose hospital. There I practiced a lot of what I have learned in class. I was very excited and surprised how much competence I actually had gained and now came into use in real life in a ward. I helped several clients and that made me very happy and satisfied."

Beleynesh, 4th year student

"When I was working in Zewsch Hospital in the Labourward, one woman came in with complaint of pushing down. She was in 5th stage of labour and fetal heart beat was slowing down. I managed to fasten her delivery, assist with vacuum, and resuscitate her baby. I am so happy she gave birth to a live baby, which I saved. We can save lives, two lives at a time."