Meet our midwife students 
at the Hamlin College of Midwives  


Ilili is in her senior fourth year, Medina and Birke in their second year and the two newest additions in their first year; Woyzeru and Lakia. Our 6th supported midwife student Senait, is in her third year and is not photographed. The girls come from rural regions and many of them had to travel a long way to come to the College.

We are so happy to be supporting these wonderful, dedicated girls during their four years of education before they start working in their home regions for at least another four years.


A closer look at a midwife student.

Birke was so interested in helping pregnant women and babies that she wrote to Dr Catherine Hamlin personally, asking to study midwifery at the Hamlin College of Midwives, because she wants to “help mothers who are suffering during childbirth”.  She is now in her second year and is thrilled as she says “I get the Golden Chance to become a midwife, which is my ambition to be.”

She comes from the Amhara region of Ethiopia, in the Debire Birhan district. In the rural areas near her village, there is a high percentage of maternal and child death. Birke says this is because there is:

·      no transportation/ambulance available

·      no health center for antenatal or postnatal care, or family planning

·      no skilled birth attendants

·      very low usage of the existing health facilities

Her reaction to these issues is: “I want to help mothers who cannot deliver vaginally since its difficult to travel to have a c-section. This will be easier to do if there are enough facilities and skilled professionals.”

Leading by example

As a result of our successful Learn. Light. Lead. fundraising event, we are now able to sponsor two new midwifery students. Woyzero Workufrom Amhara region and Lakia Agegnhu  from SNNPR, have already started their four year BSc in Midwifery at the Hamlin College of Midwives, and will soon go out and do their first hospital internship in Addis Abeba.

Training of the midwives is comprised of classroom learning combined with internships and practical experience at different hospitals and health centers.  Every student must also perform at least 50 deliveries before gaining their degree.  With their training they prevent birth injuries through prenatal and postnatal care, as well as skilled deliveries in a clean environment.

There is a rigorous selection process in order to get accepted at the Hamlin College of Midwives. To qualify for selection a young woman must have a high school degree, good grades and has to pass the Ethiopian Ministry of Education University Entry Test.  The College also performs interviews. Once accepted the young woman must commit to spending four years at the college and working for four years at a rural health center in her home region. 


We are also sponsoring Birke Bayu and Medina Babu in their 2nd year, Senait Sago in 3rd year and Ilili Abdo in her 4th and final year.  Along with our two new midwives GreenLamp is currently funding six midwives in total.

First two GreenLamp midwives have graduated!

We are so proud of Beleynesh Siraw from the Amhara region and Belen Kakabo from SNNPR region who graduated successfully in September 2014 and 2015 respectively. They earned a Bachelor degree in Midwifery and are both working at a Hamlin-supported health center in their home regions. Well done Belen and Beleynesh!