Strategic Philanthropy Flying Luncheon, 

Jan 2015

The audience at our Strategic Philanthropy event were treated to presentations that touched the heart, fed the brain and inspired us to keep up the commitment to ensure a bright future for women and girls.

GreenLamp was privileged to have Ann-Marie Sevcsik, who is a Program Director at the UBS Optimus Foundation, as our guest speaker. She spoke on the topic of Strategic Philanthropy and demystified what could be a complex topic. Click here to listen to her presentation.

She spoke of the importance of ensuring a strategic approach to charitable projects to increase their success. These include:

–  Building partnerships and meaningful dialogue with local communities ensure projects are what would be most beneficial for the local community – not making assumptions as to the best solution.

–  Ensuring long term sustainability of projects, by working together with the local community and teaching them the skills – empowering them to carry on the work themselves.

–  Managing the scale of the project, keeping to a size and scale that can be delivered successfully by the number of people and amount of resources that are available

–  And last but by no means least; incorporating effective monitoring, testing and evaluation to assess the success of the project.

The audience were also inspired to hear from our own GreenLamp Board member’s. Karin Ranstrand presented an update on our plans for continuing to provide sponsorship for the education of midwives in Addis Abeba and progressing with the Light for Life solar suitcase installations, and provided details of GreenLamps impact assessment measures.

Kathleen Hedman shared her own experience from her recent journey to Ethiopia as part of GreenLamps evaluation and monitoring process. She told us about what she had learnt from the people she had met, how important our local partnership with Hamlin College of Midwives is, and how it had reconfirmed to her the valuable contribution GreenLamp is making. 

We thank all those that braved the snow to be there with us on the 26th, to our speaker Ann-Marie Sevcsik, and to those who made such generous contributions to support the continuing work of GreenLamp. 


Our speaker, Ann-Marie Sevscik from the UBS Optimus Foundation