Light for Life Fundraising Luncheon, March 2014

Thank you all sponsors, donors, partners and guests for contributing so generously to our second annual fundraising event, "Light for Life" which was held at the Widder Hotel in Zurich. Together we have more than achieved our goal of 50 Solar Suitcases - doubled 1:1 by the UBS Optimus Foundation. We will be installing a total of 166 Solar Suitcases until mid 2015 in Ethiopia! With your support, GreenLamp enables the decrease of both mother and infant mortality and morbidity rates, and improve the lives of women and girls.

Each Solar Suitcase with shipping, training and installation has a value of CHF 2,100.

Our keynote speaker Dr Laura Stachel founder of We Care Solar, described the challenges maternal health care in rural areas is facing today and the impact access to electricity can make at health centers and in delivery rooms. Reinhard Fichtl from the UBS Optimus Foundation emphasized the importance of the partnership between GreenLamp and the Foundation and the opportunities the cooperation has to influence Ethiopian maternal health care.

The audience had the chance to learn more about young women's vulnerability in pregnancies when Christina Blecher, founder of GreenLamp, shared her story from her recent trip to the Amhara region in Ethiopia. She explained how the installation of a Solar Suitcase encourages pregnant women, despite long distances, to walk to the health centers that offer professional care during the dark hours, to give birth.

Once again, thank you for supporting our GreenLamp “Light for Life” Solar Suitcase project!  

If you would like to se more photos of the event, please check our Facebook page.




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