LEARN. LIGHT. LEAD Fundraising Event,
October 2015

We had a full house for our October 30th Learn. Light. Lead. fundraising dinner. We are thrilled that so many supporters want to play a key role in our community-to-community projects that are making a real difference in rural Ethiopia. 

We are delighted to have raised over CHF 50,000 and pledges are still coming in. Funds raised will be used to provide scholarships for midwives at the Hamlin Midwifery College (Learn) as well as to purchase, install and instruct staff about the Solar Suitcases (Light). Trained midwives at a solar-suitcase-equipped health center assist at births, aid in prenatal and postnatal care and provide family planning. They act as role models in their communities (Lead). 

Guests were treated to an insightful keynote discussion with Dr Kate Molesworth, Reproductive Health & Social Development Adviser at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, and Meaza Ashenafi, LL B, MA, who is an Advisor on Women’s Human Rights at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). 

Kate highlighted the vital link between lowering infant and mother mortality rates, and the lowering of birth rates overall.  This not only improves the quality of women’s and girl’s lives, but has a positive impact on entire communities.  She shared with the audience how impressed she is with GreenLamp’s work in this area. That combined with our holistic approach has inspired her to support us, for which we are immensely appreciative. 

Meaza shared an update on the current situation in Ethiopia which she says is definitely improving, with lower pregnancy related mortality rates than before, but there is a lot of work still to be done. 

She also shared with us some interesting insights into her life growing up in Ethiopia – how she was the only girl in law school and that girls are abducted for marriage sometimes as young as 11 years of age.  We learnt that it was an honor for Meaza that the film Difret has been made about one of these such cases where she was legal counsel for a girl who had killed her abductor, and what an advantage that Angelina Jolie had endorsed it (for more on this topic see:             

A huge thank-you to our generous sponsors, donors, volunteers, guest speakers and attendees who made the evening such a success and without whom we could not continue our work. 100% of charitable funds raised go directly to our projects.

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